Usability Engineering and User Experience Consulting

We are a leading user experience consultancy, specialising in usability engineering for medical devices. We help at any stage of the development process to create safe and easy-to-use medical devices.

Our Services

User Research: Set yourself up for cost-effective, ongoing development success. We plan and conduct targeted research with your major stakeholders to validate your market assumptions and understand user profiles and their needs.

Usability Engineering: We deliver usability and human factor regulatory outputs to comply with standards and guidances across the US, Australia and Europe.

Formative and Summative Assessments: Throughout development, we get your device into the hands of your users to make your product safer and easier to use.

Usability Workshops: We can show your team the value of good usability through any number of our carefully crafted topics or workshops. Our workshops are tailored to address use-related challenges specific to your device.

Why you need Usability and UX

Two reasons, quite simply. Most importantly, good usability and UX will make people’s lives easier; your users, patients, yours and your team. Secondly, every regulatory submission requires evidence of usability engineering if you want to market your medical device in the US, EU or AU.

Our team specialises in compliance to IEC 62366 and other FDA guidances that are internationally recognised usability and human factors standards in the medical device industry. Let’s setup an introductory call.

There is no medical device that doesn’t benefit from good usability. 

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